Do More with What You Have: 5 Benefits of Constant Contact-MarketMeSuite Integration

Today marketers have access to many digital marketing tools that add tremendous value to the marketing plan for a relatively low cost. These tools allows you to reach your audience like never before, manage the conversations around your business and brand, and even to identify new leads while still maintaining business from existing clientele.

One of the most important features of digital marketing tools is that, in many cases, they offer the ability for other platforms and tools to integrate their services. This allows smaller companies with a great tool to introduce it to the market faster by leveraging a larger company’s market share and product.

Constant Contact Tab

A great example of this is the MarketMeSuite – Constant Contact integration. MarketMeSuite, a new, smaller social media marketing and management platform was able to integrate with Constant Contact, a leader in the small and mid-sized business market space, which is MarketMeSuite’s target market.

This integration, while a good strategic move for MarketMeSuite, wouldn’t have even been considered by Constant Contact unless it would ultimately benefit the end user. Now MarketMeSuite users have tremendous access to data in Constant Contact right from the MarketMeSuite dashboard, allowing them to make better use of their Toolkit campaigns with several added features.

Here are 5 benefits to you, the end user, of the Constant Contact – MarketMeSuite integration:

1) Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Email marketing can be a time consuming task. To create good quality emails that your audience finds useful (and will eventually produce some new business for you), you must put in some time to designing the email and producing content.

One of the best things about the MarketMeSuite – Constant Contact integration is you can pull content from your existing campaigns and share it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles and pages. You can create multiple posts focusing on different content from your email and share them as often as you’d like.

Choose from current and past campaigns

This feature allows you to save time by using content you’ve already created as well as expose your audience on social media to your email content. Email is a higher form of communication than social media, with far more opportunity to eventually produce sales for your business. Anything you can do to make that jump will eventually pay off.

2) Be Visual

Social Media has become highly visually-focused in the past year. Engagement rates on Facebook posts with images are well higher than text-only posts. Twitter and LinkedIn have added the ability to post photos, and Twitter has reorganized profile view to include much larger and pronounced cover and profile images.

If you use the Constant Contact Toolkit, you already know that they have the MyLibrary feature that allows you to store images and documents to feature in your emails. They also host a sizable stock photo-library and give you the option to purchase that “just-right” photo from BigStock without even leaving your Toolkit.

If you use MarketMeSuite as well you’ll have access to your library of images and documents to use in your social media marketing. The integration allows you to easily choose right when your crafting a post. No more fumbling through file folders on your hard drive or drag-dropping to make your posts visually appealing. Running integrated, branded and visually-appealing campaigns across email and social media becomes a simple task.

Adding images

3) Automation

Easy automated scheduling

We’re all busy, whether you do all the marketing for your business or work on a team, there is never enough time. Managing a successful social media marketing program is time consuming. In larger businesses there is often a dedicated position for social media management.

Thankfully with the marketing technology we have available today, marketing automation is now possible. With MarketMeSuite you can schedule posts on any profile in advance, set up automatic posting from your favorite sources via RSS and run highly targeted real-time searches all from one dashboard.

This makes sharing your campaign content from Constant Contact a breeze, and advanced monitoring can help you find new ideas and curate content for your emails even when you’re not at your desk.

4) Local Marketing

For those familiar with the Constant Contact Toolkit, you know that not only does it provide incredible email marketing and promotional tools, but also allows you to create and manage events for your business.

local marketing with events

Local Marketing is highly important to almost any small or mid-sized business and using events to get people in the door is one of the most effective tactics. Before you can get that face to face interaction however, you’ll need to promote the event. In MarketMeSuite you can pull event information and landing pages from Constant Contact in much the same way you would images.

With this functionality makes creating buzz around your event on social media is easy. In addition MarketMeSuite has tools, like geotargeting, which can take your local marketing activities to the next level with minimal effort.

5) Event Promotion

Event marketing can be difficult; however one marketing tactic that has proved successful is the use of promotion codes. Promotion codes are essentially digital coupons that offer a discount on a purchase.

Constant Contact, through the event marketing piece of their toolkit, allows you to create and offer promotion codes for your events. If you choose to use these codes then you will want to distribute them as widely as possible to increase attendance rates.

marketing events with social media

MarketMeSuite is integrated very tightly with any events you create in Constant Contact and can pull information about promo codes to be used in your social media marketing. If you do choose to hold a promotion you can market the value of it and allow anyone to convert right from a social media post without ever leaving the social media management dashboard.

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