Endorphin Digital Marketing Launches Program Offering Pro Bono Website Design for Small Non-Profits

During our 15 years in the digital marketing field, we have completed numerous pro bono projects for small, local community-focused non-profit organizations. Based on our experience and desire to help improve our community, we have launched a new, more formalized Pro Bono Website Design Program.

Through this program, we plan to take on up to two to three projects a year depending on our available capacity. The focus of this program will be smaller or newer, local community-focused organizations that lack a well-developed digital presence today. We are particularly focused on organizations that help underserved communities, especially the economically disadvantaged, minorities and women.

We believe in social justice, community service and helping our local community,” said Erik Bunaes, President of Endorphin Digital Marketing. “We are also well aware that there are many organizations out there working hard to improve our world and the lives of diverse groups of people, and these organizations are often underfunded and understaffed. We wish to lend our assistance to help these organizations get their messages out to the right people who may be willing and able to lend help.”

There will be no cost for our services to the organizations we serve. We will lend whatever expertise and services we have at our disposal, including: Website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), digital & PPC advertising, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Please submit the name of your organization, contact name, phone, email and website address (if you have one) to us along with your organization’s mission, purpose, services and any other useful information you wish us to consider during the selection process. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss a potential project.

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