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When did you have your first amazing meal at the restaurant, that quickly became your new favorite place to go? I’m sure you can probably recall what you ordered, and probably who you dined with. But how did you discover the establishment?

If it was more than a few years ago, you probably got a recommendation from a friend or family member. Or maybe you discovered it as you were walking or driving in the area, and decided to stop in. However, if it has recently become a favorite place, there is a good chance you discovered it online. According to Google 49% of all local searches occur without a specific business in mind, which means that half of all potential new customers are looking for businesses they aren’t familiar with.

He may be a longtime resident looking to try something new, or she may be a businesswoman in town for a conference. A family may be looking for a place to order pizza that night, or an organization is searching for a venue for their upcoming event. What all have in common, is they are likely searching online for an establishment.

So how do you ensure your restaurant gets their business? Even if your website is expertly designed, and you have an established social media presence you may be missing out on these potential customers. A great solution is SinglePlatform. Per the company “SinglePlatform makes it easy to showcase and update your business’ most important information everywhere local customers are making decisions online.”

A study by Open Table found that 86% of diners view a menu online before going out. By streamlining your menu across all websites and search platforms, your brand is consistent online, making it more likely your menu will be found by customers. This also appeals to search engines, improving your ranking in search results. SinglePlatform has built a large publisher network, enabling your menu to be changed across all platforms at once, including: Google, Bing, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Foursquare, Zagat, OpenTable and many more.

If a couple is searching on a Friday night for an Italian restaurant in Clifton Park, SinglePlatform will make it much more likely your restaurant is chosen. When they pull up the Yelp app on their phone, your establishments full menu will be available to view, with accurate information and pricing. If a worker is craving a pulled pork sandwich in Saratoga on their lunch break, SinglePlatform ensures your entire menu is searchable, and your restaurant is more likely to get their business as a result.

Importantly, your establishment can meet and hopefully exceed customer’s expectations when they come in to have a meal. By ensuring the menu choices and pricing is accurate, a customer won’t come in asking for an item that was taken off the menu six months prior. Since first impressions are important to ensure repeat business, a consistent brand online and in-house is vital to keep customers coming back again and again.

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A report from Hitwise, in August 2016 found that 58% of searches are now performed on mobile devices. Additionally Google found that 61% of customers will leave a website that is not mobile-friendly. Beyond ensuring consistency in branding, SinglePlatform ensures that all information, including your website is optimized for mobile use. Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google’s mobile apps will all feature your clickable menu icon that can be read easily on any device. Most importantly, your website will be optimized for mobile search as well.

Lastly receiving accurate analytics to target your customers, and maximize your marketing campaigns is vitally important to any business. With SinglePlatform you will be able to track the location of your diner’s search, along with compare who searched from a desktop or mobile device. You can even integrate your social media campaigns and schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Endorphin Advisors was chosen by SinglePlatform as their partner to help local businesses maximize their potential to reach new customers online. Please contact us today for a consultation about how SinglePlatform can benefit your establishment and assist you in growing your sales.

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