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Marketing Content Production

Content Production Strategy

Today's successful digital marketing requires the consistent development of new marketing content. We learn the ins and outs of your organization along with your unique approach, goals and experience in order to write targeted content that connects with your best customers.
We write blog articles, emails, web content, social posts, find relevant articles, and much more. We then distribute content to your customers using all appropriate digital communication channels and tools. 
We generally focus on four main content areas for social media marketing which include engaging content, promotional content, educational content and curated content.

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Engaging Content

What is “engaging” content? Engaging content refers to content or social posts that are designed to produce response actions in the form of clicks, comments and likes from your social audience. These posts are often funny, "National Days" of the year (perhaps “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day”), motivational quotes, or questions posed for the express purpose of generating action or discussion by your audience.


It’s important to remember that most users spend time on social media for entertainment or social purposes. This is why engaging content should be your primary focus on social media, as opposed to trying to sell your products or services. 

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Promotional Content

Promotional content refers to socials posts that advocate for your organization in any way – whether it’s a company service, upcoming event, customer testimonial, company news, etc. Of course, you’d like to share engaging content with your audience, but it’s good to factor in the appropriate mix of promotional content in order to increase brand awareness and work to generate new leads for your organization. After a few fun, entertaining posts, throw in a key service your company offers or a limited-time deal for your social followers.

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Educational Content

You want to be careful with the amount of educational content on social media. Again, your audience is there for entertainment, not to learn about your organization. However, once you’ve gained their attention and trust, it doesn’t hurt to provide some level of professional insights and tips to your audience. Consider sharing your latest blog post, or create a live video explaining key findings, recent news, or professional advice.

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Curated Content

“Curated” content refers to content created by other people or organizations that you re-share to your audience. Curated content is often educational, interesting articles or infographics that you feel will be useful or interesting to your audience. Since curated content isn’t technically your organization’s content, you want to focus more on creating your own valuable content that others will use as their curated content.

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