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Online Lead Generation

Generate more website visitors and drive more leads with digital lead generation

The most important goal of most business leaders is driving more sales and keeping sales pipelines full. This means you need abundant online visibility, a flow of new website visitors and effective strategies to generate new leads and sales.


Start reaching and generating leads with our proven lead generation strategies which employ sophisticated combinations of great content, attractive websites, consistent email marketing, engaging social media and effective digital advertising. 

Contact us to speak with a strategist, or keep reading to learn more about our online lead generation services and how these can help you meet your goals.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing process to attract potential customers, nurture interest, and converting leads to customers. Lead generation is a way of getting potential customers warmed up to your business and turning them into a customer which ideally will purchase from you over and over again. 


The potential customer is already aware of your business when they become a lead. The next step in the sales process is drive them through your sales process or funnel. By understanding your customers needs and your sales process, you can use different marketing techniques to target people in each stage of the process. 

6-Step Sales Funnel from Endorphin(R) Digital Marketing

6-Step Sales Funnel from Endorphin Digital Marketing.png

Most people are familiar with the idea of a “sales funnel” which is a model of a typical sales process.

The first step in the process is to define the four stages of the sales funnel, including: Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action/Sale. Each of these stages is shown above.

In our mind, the typical sales funnel omits Step 6 which loops customers back to beginning sales process to generate repeat purchases and cross-selling opportunities.

A variety of strategies and tools can be used during each phase of the sales process, including:

  • Engaging websites

  • Targeted email marketing

  • Automated email/text messaging

  • PPC Ad campaigns with retargeting ads

  • Blog articles

  • Social media campaigns

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Creative special offers

Step 1 - Awareness: In Step 1, we are trying to locate new potential customers and make people aware of your company. This is the first step in the customer journey and the the sales funnel. 

  • Identifying target customer(s): Research and define key target customer segments. Develop strategy to reach these customers and introduce your organization.

Step 2 - Interest:
In Step 2, customers are interested in your company and services but need more information to evaluate company, services, budget fit.

  • Defining key needs/preferences: once you identify target customers, identify critical needs that you can address. This positions your company as a solution.

Step 3 - Decision:
Step 3 is where customers make purchase and convert or abandon the process. 

  • Matching products and services with specific needs: position your products and services in a way that will satisfy specific needs.

  • Campaigns to attract/engage key customer(s) and close sales.

Step 4 - Action/Sale:
at this step the customer has purchased the product/service

  • Once the customer has made purchase, fulfill the service as digitally-first as possible. Automated emails are great tools at this stage.

  • Customer satisfaction: Focus on customer feedback and solicitation of reviews, testimonials, before/after photos, and case studies. This will attract more potential customers who are in sales funnel, with social proof of satisfied customers.

  • Keep in touch with customers with offers of repeat purchases and additional/complementary services. Next step: encourage repeat purchases over many years. 

Customer Decision-Making Process

Customers in each stage of the sales funnel are at different points of their decision-making process. Most people (and certainly most organizations, especially large ones!) have different decision-making processes to navigate. 

Targeting Customers in Four Phases of Sales Process

Throughout the sales funnel there are many different marketing strategies you can use to capture these potential customers and keep them moving down the funnel. 

Here at Endorphin® Digital Marketing, we work with customers to develop targeted lead generation strategies for attracting and capturing potential customers at each point of the sales funnel/process. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss your lead generation strategy.

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