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Planning & Strategy

Digital Marketing for Small Business

The digital age is here and we can help your organization fully embrace all that this includes in terms of transforming your organization into a streamlined digital eBusiness.


Digital marketing includes everything from systematic email marketing, social media, link building, demand generation, e-business and all sorts of digital properties such as Google My Business, e-commerce, video, search engine optimization and digital ads.  


We have created and refined a 5-Step process to get your organization online, increase visibility, drive new customer acquisition, and maintain repeat business. We call this the Endorphin E-Business Roadmap.

Contact us to discuss how to dive into the deep end of digital marketing and leverage technology.

Marketing Strategies & Plans


There is more to running a sound business than good marketing. There is the larger strategy of building a business, generating demand/sales, encouraging repeat sales, setting goals and much more. 

We have created marketing plans which have helped launch businesses, secured financing and established new partnerships.

Strategy & Planning Includes:

  • Defining Key Target Customers

  • Identifying Customer Needs

  • Mapping Services with Customer Needs

  • Strategies to Reach Customers

  • Demand/Lead Generation

  • Building/Expanding Customer Loyalty


Online lead generation

The most important goal of most business leaders is driving more sales and keeping sales pipelines full. This means you need abundant online visibility, a flow of new website visitors and effective strategies to generate new leads and sales.


Start reaching and generating leads with our proven lead generation strategies which employ sophisticated combinations of great content, attractive websites, consistent email marketing, engaging social media and effective digital advertising. 

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing process to attract potential customers, nurture interest, and converting leads to customers. Lead generation is a way of getting potential customers warmed up to your business and turning them into a customer which ideally will purchase from you over and over again. 

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