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Marketing Speaking & Training
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Digital Marketing Speaker

Marketing Speaking, Training & Classes

Classes in Marketing Best Practices & Product Training

Would you like a speaker for your next conference, event or company meeting?

Do you want someone that is experienced and up-to-date with current marketing best practices and new marketing technology?


Since 2012, we have conducted 300+ classes on digital marketing topics, providing education to 5,000+ people. We are solution partners and certified experts in several key areas of digital marketing, including email marketing, social media, social dashboards, search marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, websites and several industry-leading marketing technology solutions.

We have been keynote speaker, conducted trainings and led educational seminars at industry conferences, trade shows, small business events and in partnership with many chambers of commerce, professional associations, the SBA and Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), military veteran organizations (U.S. SBA Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) and others), etc. We also provide custom training to private companies and their marketing departments.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, professional trainer or someone to put on a class or training session, please contact us at 518.250.9035 or


What digital marketing topics do you offer?

We provide training on a variety of marketing topics including email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social dashboards, Google Analytics, video marketing.

Classes range from beginner-level marketing best practices and product training to advanced-level classes designed for marketing professionals. Classes cover best practices as well as product training and can be tailored from very short (30-minutes) to in-depth training (3-4 hours).​

Digital Marketing Classes & Webinars (as of February 2022) - Download here

​​What type of training do you offer?

We have partnered with several world-class marketing technology firms, including Constant Contact, Wix, Shopify and more to develop and deliver educational classes.

What is the format of classes/training?

We offer live, in-person training and educational seminars on a wide variety of marketing and digital marketing topics. We also offer live classes via webinar. We do not provide recorded or on-demand classes or training.

Where are classes offered?

We have partnered with a variety of different organizations and participated in various events to deliver educational classes on a wide variety of marketing topics. These organizations include:

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Professional Associations

  • SBA and SBDC (Small Business Development Centers)

  • Military Veterans Service Organizations (Veteran Business Outreach Centers - VBOC's)

  • Industry Conferences & Trade Shows

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Civic Organizations

  • Entrepreneur-Focused Events

  • Small Business conferences & trade shows

  • Private organizations (for profit and non-profit)

How much experience do you have in educational classes and training?

Since 2012, we have conducted 300+ classes, providing education to 5,000+ people. We have been a special, professional speaker for Constant Contact since 2012.

Do you have any certifications?

  • Certified Email Marketing Expert (Constant Contact)

  • Certified Expert in Social Media Marketing (Constant Contact)

  • Inbound Marketing Certified Professional (Hubspot)

  • Hootsuite Certified Professional (Hootsuite)

  • Certified Partner (Shopify)

  • Certified Partner (Wix)


I highly recommend Erik Bunaes as someone with an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing needs of small businesses and the knowledge to teach that information to others. Erik has hosted several workshops on various topics surrounding digital marketing and marketing development for small businesses for the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region. His expertise is invaluable and his accommodating nature for questions and willingness to provide additional resources for our clients has been highly praised by workshop attendees. 

-Destiny Watkins: Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region 

Speaker Bio/Background information: See more about Erik Bunaes on LinkedIn.

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