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Endorphin® E-Business Roadmap

E-Business Roadmap for Success

Doing business today means doing business online. We are in a digital world and e-business should be a primary focus for every organization.


At Endorphin® Digital Marketing, we have created and refined a 5-Step process to get your organization online, increase visibility, drive new customer acquisition and maintain repeat business. We call this the Endorphin E-Business Roadmap.

Wherever your organization may be in this process currently, we can improve your marketing process and turn your business into an e-business sales machine. Contact us or book a meeting today.

5 Step Endorphin® E-Business Roadmap

The Foundation.

Information Hub.



Website SEO.


Social Properties.


New Content.

Content Distribution.



Promotional Campaigns.

New Strategies.

Digital Ads.


Measure Performance.

Audience Analysis.

Improve Analytics.


5 Step Endorphin® E-Business Process

1. The Website: The website is the central hub of communications and information. It builds and reinforces the brand, value and image of the organization. Everything else flows from the image and information on the website.

2. Optimization: Understanding that image/branding, visibility and current information are critical to success, in Step 2, we focus on ensuring the most appropriate digital properties are up to date and effectively communicating the mission, value and success.

Website optimization encompasses having the right and the best information available as well as getting found by the right people, at the right time.

3. Communications: Consumers all have so many alternatives and choices when it comes to making any purchasing decision. This is true whether you are in a B-to-B, B-to-C or any other competitive market situation. There are alternatives and there is competition.

This environment demands excellent communications in many different forms and delivered through different channels. This includes websites, social media, email, text, video along with many forms of digital advertising.

4. Promotional Campaigns: While you may offer the best product or service with the most advanced features and functionality, if your customers don’t try it or know about it, you will not enjoy success. We can use diverse promotional campaigns to capture new customers and continue engaging existing customers.

5. Analysis: Digital marketing offers the opportunity for detailed measurement and analysis. With tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other website traffic analysis tools, we can learn a tremendous amount of detailed information about the characteristics, preferences and behavior of website visitors. This information can help point us toward new insights and thus spur the creation of new features or functionality and new campaigns.

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Endorphin E-Business Roadmap-2023
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