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Professional services include a wide range of service offerings provided by experts often with specialized knowledge and skills. This includes web services, business services, human resources, payroll, management consulting, insurance, investment advisors and more.

Professional Services

Technology firms include a range of products, platforms, services, tools. These can be startup and early stage companies as well as established technology companies, particularly technology consulting, software development and other IT services companies.

Information Technology

Non-Profit Organizations

Non profit organizations includes organizations focused on providing community services, trade associations, professional associations, chambers of commerce, healthcare associations, social organizations and more.


For 15+ years, since 2005, we have worked with clients in a range of industries and lifecycle stages. This includes new and start-up companies as well as more established businesses and organizations. However, in all cases, our clients wanted help with strategy, marketing, and digital initiatives to drive improved communications, increased visibility and higher revenue growth.

In more practical language, sometimes our clients want help with small marketing projects, such as an email or social media campaign, some digital advertising or building a new website. Other times there is a need for new strategies to drive more prospects to their website or a new marketing strategy along with a creative marketing agency capable of implementing and managing marketing initiatives. Both fit our skill-set.

We have particular experience and expertise in professional services, information technology (IT), distributors, contractors and non profit organizations.

Our Clients

Distribution Services

The distribution category includes both product and services distribution and delivery.

 This category includes such things as manufacturer’s representatives, distributors, brokers, dealers, re-sellers of products and services and more.

Contracting Services

Contracting firms such as builders, remodeling, HVAC, plumbers, electricians, roofers, cabling companies and other related services. This category includes excavation/paving companies, tree services and other commercial and residential contracting services companies.  

Sample Clients:

  1. Non-profit organizations & community services

  2. Landscaping

  3. Wiring contractors

  4. HVAC

  5. Home services/repair (painting, building, repair, electrician, plumbing, etc.)

  6. Real estate/property (residential, commercial, property mgmt.)

  7. Roofing (residential, commercial, industrial)

  8. Cleaning services (residential, commercial, industrial)

  9. Equipment sales (retail)

  10. Recreational vehicles sales (retail)

  11. Health & Fitness / Coaches

  12. Finance

  13. Alternative Finance

  14. Accounts Payable Financing solutions

  15. Accounting

  16. Insurance (all types)

  17. Legal services

  18. Payroll

  19. Business Consulting

  20. Information Technology (IT) Services, Managed Services, Consulting

  21. Direct to Consumer e-Commerce brands

  22. Web-based services businesses and SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) brands

  23. Photography & Video Production

  24. Energy

  25. Fashion, Jewelry, Clothing

  26. Hair & Beauty salons

  27. Sports & Recreation

  28. Food & beverage (retail, production, food trucks)

  29. Event Management & Venues

  30. Transportation & Logistics

  31. Automotive services/repair/restoration

  32. Training / Education

  33. HR consulting / Recruiting

  34. Medical services

  35. Animal care / boarding

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