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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing

  • What is the company's accessibility statement?
    Endorphin Advisors LLC is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards. Measures to support accessibility Endorphin Advisors LLC takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of Company website: Include accessibility throughout our internal policies. Assign clear accessibility targets and responsibilities.
  • Conformance Stats
    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. Company website is partially conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Partially conformant means that some parts of the content do not fully conform to the accessibility standard.
  • Feedback
    We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Company website. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on Company website: Phone: 518.351.2240 E-mail: Visitor address: 24 Fourth St., Troy, NY 12180 Postal address: P. O. Box 11347, Albany, NY 12211-0347 We try to respond to feedback within 3 business days.
  • Limitations & Alternatives
    Despite our best efforts to ensure accessibility of Company website, there may be some limitations. Below is a description of known limitations, and potential solutions. Please contact us if you observe an issue not listed below. Known limitations for Company website: We monitor user comments and typically repair issues within 3 business days. Please contact us at if you encounter an issue.
  • Assessment Approach
    Endorphin Advisors LLC assessed the accessibility of Company website by the following approaches: Self-evaluation
  • Formal Approval of Accessibility Statement
    This Accessibility Statement is approved by: Erik Bunaes Endorphin Advisors LLC Owner of business
  • Who is Endorphin Digital Marketing?
    Endorphin Digital Marketing is a unique, award-winning digital marketing firm with highly-specialized digital marketing skills. We focus on developing, implementing and managing marketing and lead generation strategies along with all the digital components of these strategies. Our clients tend to be services organizations in professional services, small/local businesses and non profit organizations. ​​ We began our journey in 2005 in San Francisco, CA and relocated to the Albany, NY area in 2011. Currently, we have been based in the Troy Innovation Garage in historic downtown Troy, NY since 2016.
  • What are the core competencies and skills of Endorphin Digital Marketing?
    We are strategic thinkers and creative marketers. We believe that any organization will do well when it has strong, cooperative, unique trading relationships with its customers and partners. That is where we start building up a strategy - for the business itself and for the specific marketing strategy. We like to understand a business through the eyes of its owners and management. In this respect, I guess we have a great deal of empathy, which enables us to understand people, and their needs and goals. Empathy is very important because it helps to understand people, from both a client relationship perspective as well as a customer perspective.
  • Does Endorphin Digital Marketing specialize in any particular industries?
    Each of our partners has different experiences that contribute to a wide range of experiences, viewpoints and ideas for how businesses can be run. We do, as a firm, tend to focus on services organizations, including professional services, small/local businesses and non profit organizations. We like these kinds of organizations because there is a need to attract, engage, inform and sometimes educate potential customers in the sales process. There is often an element of intellectual expertise and certainly a need to communicate some unique elements of experience and success to gain the confidence of potential customers.
  • What type of help are businesses generally looking for when they engage Endorphin Digital Marketing?
    Our favorite situation is when a services business comes to us and says "we have a website, we're doing digital advertising, we are doing email and social media marketing, but we are just not getting enough sales and new customers. How can you help?" This is when we are truly effective because we can evaluate various elements of what an organization is doing online and find out where there are opportunities for improvement. Is your branding and messaging clear and consistent? Is it clear who your ideal target customers are? Are you effectively presenting social proof? Are you drawing enough visitors from search engines and through advertising? We dive deep into data analysis and analyze your visitors and their behaviors. We examine what is most interesting to your customers and what is not. We can tell you exactly what customers are interested in and what doesn't work through our data analysis. Contact us today to find out how we can help you fix your digital marketing.
  • The company name is unique. What is the significance of the name Endorphin Digital Marketing?
    Well, we very deliberately named our firm Endorphin Digital Marketing.  As you know, the release of endorphins causes people to feel confident, relaxed, focused, and energetic. Endorphins also create a sense of clarity, purpose, peace, and of can cause people to have a vision of the future and the determination to get there. Here at Endorphin Digital Marketing, we strive to bring that same sense of confidence, clarity, energy, focus and purpose to our clients, so they can envision the future, see a clear path to success. We are both a marketing firm as well as experts in online, digital marketing. This combination of marketing expertise and experience with the best practices of digital marketing tools and techniques puts us well above the capabilities of the competition.
  • What are some of the services businesses that you have worked with in the past?
    Non-profit organizations & community services Landscaping Wiring contractors HVAC Home services/repair (painting, building, repair, electrician, plumbing, etc.) Real estate/property (residential, commercial, property mgmt.) Roofing (residential, commercial, industrial) Cleaning services (residential, commercial, industrial) Equipment sales (retail) Recreational vehicles sales (retail) Health & Fitness / Coaches Finance Alternative Finance Accounts Payable Financing solutions Accounting Insurance (all types) Legal services Payroll Business Consulting Information Technology (IT) Services, Managed Services, Consulting Direct to Consumer e-Commerce brands Web-based services businesses and SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) brands Photography & Video Production Energy Fashion, Jewelry, Clothing Hair & Beauty salons Sports & Recreation Food & beverage (retail, production, food trucks) Event Management & Venues Transportation & Logistics Automotive services/repair/restoration Training / Education HR consulting / Recruiting Medical services Animal care / boarding
  • How does Endorphin Digital Marketing stay on top of the latest and most effective marketing tools, strategies and innovations?"
    We have a great team of experienced individuals and business partners. Plus, we have a strong and clear passion for our work and a belief in continuous education. Many of our technology partners offer certification and education programs, and they all provide training on their tools. Our whole team takes advantage of these offerings and undergoes constant training and exposure to the newest products, tools and features of these platforms. Because of our longevity, we have developed solid relationships with many of the best marketing technology companies on the planet. For example, we are the only Constant Contact Accredited Solution Provider that has been offering local training classes in northeast New York since 2012. We are also partners with such leading companies as Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), offering sales and marketing automation and CRM), PromoRepublic (social media content marketing dashboard), Hootsuite (social media dashboards) and more.
  • Tell us about your web marketing capabilities and services?
    We have the specialized expertise and resources to develop, implement and manage all elements of full-scale, creative web marketing strategies and campaigns. From web marketing strategy to content development to inbound marketing to search engine optimization (SEO). We build the tools, write the content and analyze and interpret the results. Our expanded team here at Endorphin Advisors can do what it takes to make digital marketing work for you.
  • Tell us a bit about your website design and development capabilities and experience
    We work with all our clients to maintain their websites, since a website is such a critical and central piece of any firm's marketing strategy. We also build new websites for organizations and can develop websites on a wide range of platforms, from basic all-in-one systems, industry-focused platforms and more sophisticated platforms. Our development team has worked on a wide range of website projects and we offer top notch search engine optimization (SEO) services to help your website get found in search results.  ​ We also offer graphic design along with identity and branding projects.
  • In addition to marketing and business planning and advisory services, you have worked in the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) industry. Tell us about what you do in that arena."
    Well, in fact, that is largely where Endorphin Digital Marketing began. With the credit crunch of 2008-2009, much of the M&A activity ground to a halt. Today, with a better economy, we are seeing some signs of life in this area. In any event, on the sell side, we are experienced at helping companies prepare to sell themselves. We have a proven process of helping business owners ask and answer all the difficult financial, operating, business, legal, tax and personal issues involved in selling a business. On the buy-side, we have helped new owners of small businesses take control of new businesses and helped provide strategic planning as well as business development and marketing assistance to new management teams.
  • Endorphin Digital Marketing offers a range of services, including business planning and business plans, marketing strategy, inbound and content marketing, marketing technology and financial projections and forecasting. How do all these services tie in together and how do you offer all these services?"
    We are professional business advisors and as a team have the skills and experience to provide clients with the type of high level, executive expertise required to successfully run a profitable, growing business. We aim to provide our clients with the support and knowledge and, when needed, the guidance, to help make good decisions about running a business.
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  • What does Endorphin Digital Marketing do for its clients?
    As our original tagline said, we “help businesses take big, bold steps.”  By this we mean that we help businesses that want to expand, or who are struggling to generate increasing revenues, by developing, implementing and managing innovative, effective marketing strategies to help them achieve just that. Perhaps more importantly, we help business owners and executives get out of their own day-to-day routines and help them really think about their business and where they want to take it. In the past, we've been told that the time our clients spend with us is the best part of their day. We are both marketing experts and experienced digital technology professionals, which adds up to great digital marketing!
  • How does Endorphin Digital Marketing help businesses achieve revenue growth?
    Customers use the Web every day to search for all kinds of information, advice, guidance, resources, entertainment and solutions. We help our clients get found, communicate with customers, promote their services, demonstrate their expertise and generate leads and sales online. Creative marketing that attracts and engages the right people can be a real challenge for many businesses and non profit organizations. This is especially true for new and small businesses (and non profits) that don't have the luxury of a well-known brand name, don't have long lists of past customers and face competition that all enjoy these benefits. Add the rapidly-evolving digital world to these marketing challenges and many smaller organizations just can't navigate this area successfully. That's where we come in and we are very happy to help. Visit our Endorphin(R) E-Business Roadmap to see more about our digital marketing process.
  • Tell us more about how else Endorphin Digital Marketing has helped its clients?
    In many cases, we have helped our clients understand the best practices of sales and marketing processes as well as implementing these processes in the digital world. Since we consider ourselves to be marketers first, we understand - and rely upon - the foundations of marketing. Who is your customer? What do they want or need? How do we find and attract your customer? Who are your competitors and how are you different from them? Once we understand these important basics, we create a strategy to locate, attract and engage with your ideal target customers. We create campaigns and messaging to draw customers to you and drive them through a sales process and the well-known four (4) stages of a sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action/Sale.
  • When a business comes to you and says they need help growing, what is your approach and what services do you provide to such a client?"
    We start with the marketing basics to understand the ideal target customer, what they want, how you are positioning your organization and services. Then we look at the competition and discuss how you are different from the competition. The next step is to determine your online footprint to see how well-developed this is. What is your messaging? What have you been doing from a marketing perspective and what have been your results? With the rapidly changing online world, we evaluate where you are today and how we can improve what you are doing online. Is your branding effective, is your messaging attracting the right customers and do we have the tools and resources available to drive customers through the sales process online quickly and completely? These are the kinds of things we think about with our clients, and then we roll up our sleeves and get to work doing what needs to be done.
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