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Lifecycle Marketing Methodology

What is the Lifecycle Marketing Methodology?

As you explore ways to increase leads and sales in your organization you might consider utilizing the customer lifecycle marketing methodology. Lifecycle Marketing helps pinpoint typical problem areas, and new opportunities, in the process of acquiring new customers. We’re not taking about managing what you have now but creating an aggressive growth process.


We have seen that businesses utilizing the Lifecycle Marketing methodology can save time, energy and money, while simultaneously increasing communication with leads and customers. After all, growing a business is directly tied to the experience that a company’s leads, prospects and customers have had (or are having).


In this methodology, the “marketing” in Lifecycle Marketing refers to everything that a business is doing to get its unique value into the market. In other words, marketing, sales, ongoing communications, workflow management, including the critical task of lead scoring.


The Lifecycle Marketing model provides a simple framework of three key systems that cover the nine phases of a customer’s journey. Small business owners can use these systems to design a marketing strategy that will help them attract potential customers, sell to them, and deliver an experience that impresses them and keeps them coming back—with referrals.


The Lifecycle Marketing model was designed to address the aforementioned “three significant areas of waste.” It creates:


  1. A system for collecting leads — “Collect leads”

  2. A system for converting those leads into paying clients and customers — “Convert clients”

  3. A system for taking those customers and creating fans who become your active supporters and promoters. 

Lifestyle Marketing Methodology.PNG

Not only does Lifecycle Marketing help you categorize activity and opportunities, but you can also identify gaps in your marketing process. These are your greatest opportunities to do something that’s going to create immediate growth for your business.


Some Positive Lifecycle Marketing Success Stories:


  1. Commercial cleaning company experienced dramatic growth; 275% revenue increase from $1 million to $3.75 million, and 145% increase in customer lifetime value.

  2. Wholesale specialty paper business grew 800% in less than a year.

  3. Painting business saw $1 million annual revenue, 300% growth, 30x lead flow velocity, 30% closing rate and customer satisfaction rate of 90%.

  4. Pool company increased new leads by 400%, close rate increased 3x, upsell campaign generated $100k in new revenue.

What Does This Mean for You?


We can help you develop a custom solution to outline your customer lifecycle or journey. This includes the workflows, note templates and step-by-step communication pieces sent using inexpensive automated tools. This will help your team identify hot leads, close more sales and save time with streamlined communication tools.


Please contact us to explore how we can help you develop a lifecycle marketing methodology for your business.

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