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Drive Sales by Leading People to your Door

— Reprinted from PIA Magazine, October 2023, with permission from PIA Management Services Inc. —

An important goal of most business leaders, including insurance agents, is driving more sales and keeping sales pipelines full. In the online world, driving abundant online visibility and a flow of new website visitors is an effective, proven strategy to generate new leads and sales.

There are strategies and tools insurance agents can use to target and generate new leads from online sources. They employ sophisticated combinations of useful, engaging

content, informative websites, consistent email marketing, engaging social media and effective digital advertising.

Intro to Lead Generation

Online lead generation refers to the process of attracting and capturing potential customers or leads with engaging content and special offers via online channels. It involves using digital marketing strategies and tactics to identify and engage with individuals who show an interest in a particular product, service, topic, issue or brand.

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PIA Magazine-October 2023-Feature article
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