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SEO Case Study | More than 262% Increase in Website Visitors in 90 Days.

Company Description: an alternative hair salon located in Rochester, NY

Company Overview: The salon provides a variety of beauty and health services. These services range from regular men's and women's haircuts, coloring, massage, sauna and more. Additional services include nails, waxing, facials and eyelashes.

Company Needs: The salon requested assistance in promoting its unique services and especially with their expertise with curly-haired women. They also wanted to emphasize in their SEO strategy that the salon is proudly eco-friendly. Other objectives include increasing brand awareness and recognition, as well as increasing revenue.

What We Did:

  • SEO Strategy, including keyword analysis & mapping

  • Google Search Advertising (with a relatively small budget)

Google Analytics Results:

Below is a report showing improvements in website visitors from before and after the start of our work.

With an understanding of a handful of strategic goals, we set out to improve number of visitors to the most relevant pages. As you can see from this image below, we saw 10X (ten times) or more improvements in numbers of page visitors for these pages. These results include:

  • Increased curly hair salon page traffic by 1,881.25%

  • Increased eco-friendly hair salon page traffic by 1,108.33%

  • Increased visitors to Team page by 1,380%.

  • Increased visitors to massage page by 3,100%.

  • Increased visitors to eco friendly hair products page by 564%.

Google Analytics Behavior Summary

In the Google Analytics Behavior Summary Report below, we can see some additional positive trends in website visitor data. Again, looking at a comparison of the three months we worked with client compared to the previous 3-month period, we see dramatic improvements in visitor data.

This includes:

  1. 262% increase in total website visitors.

  2. 261% increase in new website visitors.

  3. 224% increase in number of website sessions (total visits)

There was a corresponding decrease in several data points such as 10% fewer sessions per visitor, decreased number of pages/sessions, decreased average session duration and decreased bounce rate.

All of these are positive developments since it would make sense that most users are finding what they are looking for quicker and easier.

Our anecdotal evidence of increased walk-in traffic, increase in phone calls and increase in appointments overall and specifically for people with curly hair (a desirable type of customer), support the fact that the right type of visitors are finding the salon online and walking-in or calling for appointments. This is exactly what the client is telling us and the data supports this conclusion.

Top Channels Report

  • Looking at the top channels below we see an increase in organic search. Meaning

that the visitors got to our client’s website from unpaid listings on search engine results pages.

This again supports the idea that the SEO is working in getting more people to the website directly from organic search in search engines, particularly Google.

As we know, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, especially when combined with some level of digital advertising, can be very effective in driving more visitors to a particular website. Here are some data points to demonstrate this.

If you would like to discuss strategies to improve the number and quality of visitors to your website, please contact us at your convenience.


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