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Web Design Case Study | GLS Painters

In today’s world it is important to have an up-to-date, informative website and solid digital footprint. This will help potential customers easily find out what they need to know about your business. Our client, GLS Painters, wanted an updated website so that they can achieve these.

GLS Painters, established in 2009, is a painting company based out of Sicklerville, NJ. They primarily service communities in south New Jersey. GLS Painters specializes in interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting along with epoxy applications.

The organization’s website is

After running a website audit for GLS Painter's website, we concluded that, we needed to improve the organization’s digital footprint. While the website itself has positive ratings for usability and performance and an adequate rating for SEO (search engine optimization), its ratings for security and social could be seen as areas for improvement.

Our client wanted to improve their website in order to improve their digital footprint and make it as easy as possible to see their work, understand their work and contact GLS Painters.

Some specific challenges the client wanted to address included: adding quick links to footer of website, adding page header visible on every page that contains contact information, such as name, phone, email, address, and location, showing some past projects and making it easy to book a visit/estimate online.

Download PDF • 5.88MB

Our developers got to work creating wireframe designs for the website at first. We went through the process of creating the wireframes to speed up the design process before moving to the coding work, which was begun only after working through all the design considerations and questions. From the initial meeting to launch, we only needed three meetings with client. It was a quick, easy process for the client!

An important factor while developing this new website for GLS Painters was its usability. We made the website easy to use, easy to speak with company representatives and easy to see some of their work.

After our team researched the best layout for GLS’ potential clients, we added website features that provide a clear message about the company's superior work and deep painting experience.

We added a live chat system, a “pick a paint color” link, seamless booking experience, and information on how GLS stood out from its competitors.

Now, when visitors visit this website, it is very clear about the services provided by GLS Painters, their expertise (by showing some of their work) and providing several easy ways to get into contact with them.

Download PDF • 12.06MB

If you are looking for a new and improved website that will keep your digital footprint in 2021, please contact us! Endorphin Digital would happy to help you develop a website you are proud of.


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