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3 Tips to Building Your Email List and Generating More Leads and Sales

If you would like to generate more leads and sales for your business, you need to be on the lookout for new leads and potential customers at all times. People in every situation are looking for information on how to do things better and cheaper and are seeking new sources to satisfy their needs. That is what the Internet is all about, giving people the ability to look up information and research new businesses to service their particular needs.

As a business, when people are searching the Internet for new information and resources, you should seek to “get found” when people are searching for whatever you provide. Once you “get found,” you need a way to connect with these potential customers and deliver to them timely, relevant and useful information that helps them with their needs (and helps them get comfortable with you and what you provide).

One great way of building this connection is with email. If you can get people to “raise their hand” and sign up for your email newsletter, you have the opportunity to convince them that you are the best possible solution to their needs. So, how do you get them to sign up for your newsletter? First, you have to tell people you have a newsletter. Second, you have to give people an easy way to give you their email address so you can add them to your email list.

Here are three great tools that can help you get more people signed up for your email newsletter:

1. Add a contact form to your website and blog.

If people visit your website, and they like what they see, this is the perfect time to give them a chance to sign up for your email newsletter. Be sure to tell them how often to expect the newsletter and what type of information you typically share in it. It’s a best practice to put a contact or sign up form on every page of your website.

2. Add a registration form to your Facebook Business Page.

If you are using social media, you should add a contact form to your social media business page. The key is to make it as easy as possible for people to see what you do and give them a way to learn more via a regular communication such as an email newsletter.

3. Text to Join Tools.

For businesses with retail locations or while attending trade shows or other events, you can give people the ability to sign up for your email newsletter by signing up via text message. You can put up a sign that tells people how to sign up for your email newsletter with a simple, quick text message from their phone. I’ve seen people sign up with a text message just because it was something they wanted to try.

These three tools are all available from Constant Contact and are easy to set-up and use.

While these tools are used in online marketing, don’t forget to remind people about your email newsletter during the course of regular business, too. While the Internet has become such a big part of people’s everyday lives, there are still the important daily interactions that offer you opportunities to build your connections with both current and potential customers.


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