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5 Tips for Restaurant Event Marketing

Does your Restaurant Promote Events as a Way to Draw in Crowds?

If you answered "yes," your business should be on social media (big surprise!). Yes, social media can help build the exposure to draw attention - and people - to your events, but just how do you become successful in creating that exposure?

Here are 5 tips for online restaurant event marketing:

1. Create a Highlight Reel from Prior Events

Use video to share the energy and excitement of live events. Great visuals and engaging audio are a potent combination that will drive registration for your event. Great videos get shared, taking your name along with it. Make sure you use the video everywhere, including website, landing pages, email newsletters and social media.

Pro Tip: Make sure to upload your video directly to Facebook. Why? Facebook videos achieved a 10 times higher viral reach than YouTube links did when uploaded to Facebook.

2. Use Photos from Previous Events

Use photos from previous events. Even better, share user-generated photos on your social accounts. Make sure to tag people you recognize and encourage other people to tag people they know. This gives people an opportunity to comment and talk about what a great time they had and how they’re looking forward to attending again.

3. Create One Hashtag

Seems like a no-brainer? You’d be surprised how many events skip this step. First, create your specific hashtag, then promote it everywhere. Every digital image you create, every piece of collateral – share your hashtag!

By using this one specific hashtag, you’ll make it easy for people to connect with each other, meet up, join the conversation and see what you’re sharing.

4. Share Behind-the-Scenes Stuff

Ever think of how much work goes into pulling off a fantastic event? Of course you do; you’re the ones putting on the event! People want to see this stuff, too. Give them a glimpse into this exciting and sometimes chaotic experience by sharing images and videos of the preparations for the event. Posting this type of content is a great way to build an emotional connection, giving the average reader a “backstage pass” even after the event has occurred.

5. Create a Facebook Event Page

Most people log into Facebook at least once a day. Many are on it several times a day. Make it easy for them to keep up with event news by creating an event page listing. Your event page is also a great place to encourage networking before the event. To help make your event a success, Facebook has added new tools such as targeted news feed ads and event insights to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

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Faith Peters
Faith Peters
22 sept. 2021

Thanks for tthis blog post

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