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5 Ways Your CRM And Email Can Work Together

When used effectively, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can be an email marketer's best friend. A CRM is a portal or database where all customer interactions are logged. If you are looking to grow sales, there is no better place to look than at your database of leads, prospects, current and former customers.

To leverage your CRM and email, you must have a properly segmented CRM. All contacts should be categorized based on where they are in the sales cycle. Ideally this should be done at the time the customer is entered into the CRM, and adjusted as they move through the sales cycle.

Once your CRM system is properly segmented, check out these tips for email marketing from your CRM.

1) Ditch the mass email- Before you send an email, your first thought should be “who is my intended audience?” Is it general company news that my whole list will find useful? Or is it something more specific - a new service announcement that only applies to specific customers.

Send the email only to a list or lists that will find it useful and that need the information. Your open rates will increase, and more importantly - A customer is more likely to open your email if your emails aren’t seen as spam.

2) Catch up with those you lost touch with- Maybe you notice certain customers haven’t opened an email from you in some time. Or a lead that you lost touch with. Instead of including them on the same company news, you may want to send an email targeted specifically to them.

The subject line will be of the highest importance. Even asking them in the subject “Would you still like to receive emails” may get their attention. They may not open your emails, but still like to have them to access. Or they may wish to be removed, which can be a good way to remove old contacts from your email list.

3) Stay in contact with new customers- A new customer is someone you want to be in touch with more frequently. As a business owner you’ll want to ensure they are satisfied, and solicit their feedback on their experience. As a new customer, they are most likely to open your emails (A welcome email averages 50-60% open rates).

Take advantage of that expectation of contact. Without overwhelming them, it is a good idea to ask them about their experience, as well as make them aware of other products and services your company offers. You never want to turn-off a new customer, but paying extra attention can go a long way to building a loyal relationship.

4) Reward customers- Who doesn’t like an exclusive discount or promotion? Using segmentation can help you identify customers who may find the most use in a new promotion. Rewarding your most loyal and longtime customers is a great way to continue their repeat business.

You can also target customers who may not have purchased in a few months. If their purchasing has slowed, it may be a good time to offer a promotion, and let them know you value their business.

5) Birthday wishes- It never hurts to show extra attention to a customer during their birthday month. If that information is part of your database, it should not be ignored. A birthday card, or birthday month promotion is a great way to connect with customers both new and old.

A CRM when effectively used is a powerful business tool. When paired with email marketing, it allows small businesses to send targeted emails campaigns that will increase open rates and engagement from customers.

If you’re looking for way to increase sales your CRM is the best place to start. These are customers that already know your company and your service. There is no better way to reach your customers in a way that is quick, inexpensive and personal.


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