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What are Remarketing Ads and Why Should I Use Them?

One specific type of effective digital advertising to be aware of are remarketing ads. With remarketing advertising, you can show digital ads specifically to people who have previously visited your website while they are travelling around the Internet.

Have you ever visited a popular website like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and then noticed that you begin to see their advertisements on other websites as you travel around the Internet? These are remarketing ads and they are tremendously effective at reminding people that they visited your website. They are effective because people presumably visited your website for some purpose or interest. If you can keep your company name/brand visible and in front of these website visitors, perhaps you can turn that initial interest into a paying customer?

How do Remarketing Ads work? Once a visitor hits your website, you can automatically collect that user’s IP address. Once you have the IP address, you can show these visitors your ads through the Google Display Ad Network.

What are Remarketing Ads?

Remarketing ads are digital advertisements which reach people who have previously visited your website. This type of advertising is effective to remind people that they have visited your website and help to keep your name/brand in front of them. This repeated viewing of your ads will increase name/brand recognition and encourage repeat visits to your website via links in the ads. With links in your remarketing ads, you can drive people back to your website, hopefully to make or complete a purchase or some other transaction which will lead to them becoming a paying customer!

Remarketing ads, sometimes referred to as retargeting ads, are shown to website visitors while they are on Google and Google partner websites through the Google Ad network. 

Remarketing Ad Benefits

There are many benefits of running remarketing advertising campaigns. 

  1. Well-timed targeting: Remarketing ads allow businesses to capture users who have visited their website recently. This can help remind users to come back to a business website and complete a goal conversion whether that be checking out, watching a video, or visiting a specific page on a website.

  2. Focused advertising: This type of advertising is focused only on users who visited your website and not the general public. Focused advertising is great because it can help reach potential customers who already have an interest in the business.

  3. Large-scale reach: Remarketing ads although specific to your prior website audience is able to reach users across the globe. It does not matter where users are because these ads will follow them while they are using Google. 

  4. Efficient pricing: Another great reason remarketing ads are great are because they are cost friendly. You will only pay when a user clicks on the ad. It is even more cost friendly than a regular pay-per-click (PPC) ad because the audience is narrowly focused for only users who have previously visited the business’s website. 

  5. Easy ad creation: Even though your ad audience has already been to your website and may be familiar with your company it is good to have a targeted message. For example, if you have a promotional product running you might want your remarketing ads to center around that product and link back to that product page. To help you write your message Google allows up to five headlines consisting of one long headline (70 characters) and four short headlines (30 characters). There is also a place to add five descriptions (90 characters). Once the text has been determined you can add up to five pictures. After adding all the information Google will display how your ads will appear to visitors for your review. In the preview mode you can make changes to ads to meet your needs.

  6. Campaign Statistics: Once the campaign is submitted you should check your data weekly. Instantly, the number of web visitors should increase, and you will be able to see how many people clicked on your ad. The analytics information will also be reflected in your Google Analytics account.

Remarketing ads are a great way to help a business reach customers who have already visited their website. These ads are cost efficient since you only pay for an ad if someone clicks on it. Otherwise, people are seeing your ad on various websites in the Google Display Ad Network and beginning to remember the name of your company! Almost immediately the website will experience an increase in traffic. If you have any questions or would like to get started with remarketing ads, please feel free to contact us or book a meeting today.


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