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Branded App from Wix

Has your business thought about launching a mobile app?

Using Wix, we create fully branded mobile apps that showcase your professionalism and sets your business apart. Branded Apps seamlessly connects with your website so customers/members can book services, purchase products, and connect with you.

You have full control over the app's features and content, and once it's approved your app will go live in Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Some examples of industries that can benefit from a branded app include:

· Online stores

· Restaurants

· Events & event companies

· Fitness companies and studios

· Bookings and services

· Education

· Communities

· Non-profit organizations

Some benefits of a branded app include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and retention

  • Better engagement with your community

  • Complete ownership of your brand

  • A professional mobile experience for your customers

  • Use notifications as a marketing tool to promote your business, send updates and announce new products or services

  • Syncing of your app with Wix's business and marketing tools

The world is mobile:

· 55% of online traffic comes from mobile

· 67% of e-commerce happens on mobile

· 162% more sales than desktop websites

Why does this matter to your business?

286% more products viewed on mobile than desktop

85% of users more likely to add products to shopping cart on mobile

130% higher conversion rates on mobile

5x more bookings on mobile.

Want more details, watching this video below:

Want to see some sample mobile apps created in Wix for Apple's App Store and Google Play?


Download links:


Download links:


Download links:

If you have been thinking about offering a mobile app on Apple's App Store and Google Play, please contact us.


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