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Email Automation: Use Email Automation to Decrease Length of Long Sales Cycles

What is Email Automation?

From our friends at Constant Contact: “Email marketing automation is an email or a sequence of emails that are sent after a subscriber takes a specific action like signing up to an email list, making a purchase, or clicking a link.

For example, when you sign up for Constant Contact, this triggers a welcome email. This email introduces you to our business, asks you to verify your email address, and tells you how to set up your account.”

Source: What is Email Marketing Automation? Read more here.

Industries with Longer Sales Cycles

Are you in an industry with complicated, medium to long sales cycles? We’re talking sales cycles that might take six months or longer. These might include industries such as specialized services for consumers, products/services with big price tags as well as mission-critical, business to business situations.

For example, industries like financial services, insurance, accounting, consulting, IT services as well as a host of other business to business focused specialty services.

This can also include things that are high cost products and services.

Automation Can Help Shorten a Long Sales Cycle

Did you know, Automated emails average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click rates than “business as usual” marketing emails (Epsilon Email Institute)?

Automated email series, sometimes referred to as Autoresponder Series or Campaigns can often help decrease length of a typical sales cycle. Simultaneously, automation can streamline the life of a sales executive, and make sales teams more effective.

Sample Email Automation Series: Timing

1. Email Contact added to dedicated list (automatically or manually).

2. First email is sent immediately.

3. Second email sent 2 days later.

4. Third email sent 4 days later.

5. Final email sent 10 days later.

It is important to note that timing between emails will depend upon your own unique sales cycle and the industry you are in. Every situation/industry is different.

6 Situations Where Event Driven Autoresponder Series Work Best:

1. Showcasing products/services complimentary to a recent purchase.

2. Following an inquiry or download, educating customers about your company’s products or services.

3. Onboarding new customers.

4. For non-profits, provide information about services, success, photos of people you help and use of charitable/donated funds.

5. After a salesperson meets with a potential customer.

6. Any lead nurturing situation.

Please let us know if you have any questions about email automation or would like help putting email automation to work in your organization.


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