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How to Schedule Automatic Email Reports of Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is a powerful, free software tool that quickly and easily collects and displays an enormous amount of truly valuable details about a website’s visitors. Marketers use this data to understand website visitors’ behavior, demographics and preferences.

It is important for marketers or small business owners to regularly review their Google Analytics data and understand what this data means.

To get in the habit of regularly reviewing your website data, we outline herein how to set up a monthly automated email from Google Analytics. This will help you get familiar with what is happening on your website.

Scheduling automatic Google Analytics reports to your email is a simple way to easily keep track of your website's performance and share with others. You are able to send reports daily, monthly, weekly, or quarterly whatever fits your needs.

Follow these steps to set up automated email reports from Google Analytics:

1. Sign into your account and select which website you would like to generate the report for.

2. On the dashboard, pick which section you would like to generate your report for (we will teach you how to add additional sections to the same email report below).

3. Make sure you have the date range set for what you want the report to be. In the top right corner click share, and it will bring up the email report.

4. Fill out each field with the corresponding information. This includes who will receive the email, the subject line of the email, the type of file the report will be, the frequency of when the email will be sent, and which day you want the email to be sent. In the advanced options you can set how long you want these emails to be sending for, and you can always change this later on in settings. Remember to add body text for the email or it won’t let you send.

5. Now you are ready to send your email report. When you have all this information filled out click send and it will be scheduled for whichever day you choose.

To add other sections of analytics to the same report, go to that section and click share. In the bottom right corner of the set-up box, it will say “add to existing email” then click which email you would like to add the report to. It will send as a separate file but be included in the same email.

By setting up these automatically generated reports, you can maintain an eye on your website and your website visitors. This will help you save time and help you learn more and more about what is truly valuable and useful for your organization and your website visitors.

Need help with setting up or interpreting Google Analytics, we’ll be happy to help. Just contact us or book a meeting online!


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