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Marketing Checklist for Attorneys & Legal Practices

marketing checklist for attorneys and law practices, Endorphin Advisors

Building and running a successful legal firm can be challenging. Every day, attorneys and law practices of all types are faced with the challenge of getting and staying in front of clients. And every day, new cases arise – causing both defendants and plaintiffs to scramble and find the best attorneys as quickly as possible.

So, how exactly can you position your legal firm to be that “best” resource? How do you build that initial level of trust and superior image? Whether you’re focused on criminal defense, estate planning, personal injury, corporate law or any other area these challenges are consistent.

With this in mind, we have created a marketing checklist designed for attorneys and legal practices. This checklist is probably most appropriate for small and mid-sized practices as well as niche practices.

This checklist assumes that your firm has been around for several years and is not brand new. This means you have satisfied clients, a somewhat established name, a website and perhaps a small team of attorneys and support staff. Regardless, you are looking for some sort of guidance to growing your law firm.

Important Note: This article is only offering broad, general marketing ideas for attorneys and legal firms. Every attorney and legal practice must comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Here are a guide to marketing your legal practice:


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