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3 Tips to Generate New Leads Online in 2021

In these unprecedented times successful digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to drive new leads and sales. Right now, our ability to pursue in-person sales has diminished and most networking is being conducted over the phone and video calls. So, how do we find new customers in this socially distanced environment?

In this article we outline three tips to generate leads online.

Tip #1: Use Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to reach potential customers. We know that many people tend to drift towards videos online. This is why they are a great tool to have in your arsenal. There are three types of videos we recommend in any marketing strategy.

1. Professional Videos: Professional videos are well-structured videos created by a videographer. Common uses for professional videos include interviews of company executives or customers, company overview videos, product demos, industry news and more. Producing professional videos can be quite expensive, but the benefit is that you will have a timeless video that is a great branded representation of your business.

2. Live-Streamed Videos: Live-Streamed videos are a great cost-effective way to stay in front of your customers. This type of video is usually self-produced and intended to be used just once or a couple times, often posted on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. These would often be shot and directly uploaded to live-streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

3. Content-Driven Videos: Content-Driven videos are animated videos created on your computer. They are generally used to promote a product or service. We recommend using text throughout the video with a catchy tune to keep users engaged. These videos can be posted on to all of your social media platforms and even used in digital ads.

Tip #2: Create Special Content

Creating some special content is a great way to stay in front of your customers. With social media posts, emails, blog articles, and other marketing resources you can stay in touch with your customers and attract new ones.

We recommend four types of special content for this purpose, as follows:

1. Engaging Content: Engaging content refers to content or social posts that are designed to produce response actions in the form of clicks, comments and likes from your social audience. These posts are often funny, "National Days" of the year, motivational quotes, or questions posed for the express purpose of generating action or discussion by your audience.

2. Promotional Content: Promotional content includes things that focus on selling your products or services, such as special offers, discounts, free consultations and more. This content also helps advocate for your organization – whether it’s an offer of a company service, upcoming event, customer testimonial, company news, etc.

3. Educational Content: People are still looking for useful information, and that’s where educational content can be useful. Consider sharing your latest blog post, or create a live video explaining key findings, recent news or professional advice.

4. Curated Content: “Curated” content refers to content created by other people or organizations that you re-share to your audience. Curated content is often educational, interesting articles or infographics that you feel will be useful or interesting to your audience.

Tip #3: Reach More Customers with Digital Ads

One of the best ways to reach new customers and retain current ones is through digital advertisements. We recommend using a combination of two types of digital advertisements, Pay-per-Click ads and Remarketing ads.

1. Pay-per-Click (PPC) Ads: PPC ads are cost effective ads used to reach new customers via ads displayed on search engine results pages. This type of ads helps to attract customers you do not know based on specific search terms. Your cost is based on the number of times your ad is clicked or selected.

2. Remarketing Ads: Remarketing ads are digital advertisements which reach people who have previously visited your website. This type of advertising is effective to remind people that they have visited your website and help to keep your name/brand in front of them.

Using these tips will help draw more potential customers to become new customers. If you need help utilizing videos, creating content, or reaching customers through advertisements we are here to help. If you have any questions or would like to get started with a new marketing strategy, please contact us or book a meeting today.


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