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Marketing Checklist for Non-Profit Organizations

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Non-profit (or not-for-profit) organizations are unique in terms of their marketing challenges and opportunities.

With this in mind, we have created a basic marketing checklist designed specifically for non-profit organizations. While there are many different types of non-profit organizations, we focus this marketing checklist to community-focused or community service organizations rather than member-based organizations (such as chambers of commerce or professional associations).

Further, this checklist assumes that your organization operates like a typical for-profit company with the big difference being that your organization’s financing comes from charitable donations rather than “sales” of goods or services.

Also, we assume your organization has been in existence for a couple of years, and isn’t brand new. This means you have a somewhat established name, a website and perhaps a small team of employees. We’re also assuming that you want to revitalize your marketing to help increase fund-raising and name recognition. Regardless, you are looking toward improving your organization's operations and effectiveness.

Here is a brief 5-Step Marketing Checklist for Non-Profit Organizations:


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