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New Constant Contact Toolkit Streamlines Product Suite, Offering an Easy to Use, Integrated Multi-Ch

The new Constant Contact Toolkit is here. Constant Contact has streamlined their product suite, which includes tools for email, event marketing, a deal/coupon service called SaveLocal and Social Campaigns for like-gating on Facebook. These tools had previously been organized as standalone products; however, recognizing the significant benefits of having access to any of these tools at any time and running integrated campaigns, Constant Contact has reorganized their pricing and access to these tools.

Constant Contact has added new features like multiple series email autoresponders and Plus Campaigns with the roll out of Toolkit. These features add significant marketing and promotional capability to Toolkit, which offers small and medium-sized businesses multiple marketing channels all integrated under one powerful platform.

With an essential account (recommended, although there is a basic package with standalone email marketing), you now have access to all of Constant Contacts products and services, with added features including unlimited Plus Campaigns and the ability to add up to 3 users to an account.

For more information on what’s included in an essential account, see this FAB chart.

Toolkit is organized around campaigns, the four main types being:

There are a number of ways you can use these campaigns to accomplish your business and marketing goals. Whether keeping in touch with current clients, seeking out new business, increasing sales and foot traffic, or building your audience online, Toolkit has the campaign to get it done.

With Plus Campaigns, you can make an even greater impact by creating landing pages for specific campaigns that are fully-branded and have the functionality to achieve whatever action the campaign is targeted to.

Same access to the tools that make Constant Contact great.

With the release of Toolkit, you still have access to everything that makes Constant Contact such an effective marketing platform: Simple Share for seamless social media integration, MyLibrary to store documents and images, as well as access to thousands of stock images via integration with The recently revamped Contacts management system and classic list building tools are still there to assist in maintaining a healthy list, as always Constant Contact has added, and will continue to add, plenty of new templates, many of which are mobile-optimized.

Want to see the new Toolkit in action? Request a live, in-person or web demo


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