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Two New, Free Digital Marketing E-Business Webinars

Doing business today means doing business online. We are in a digital world and e-business should be a primary focus for every organization. These two webinars will help you adjust or transform your business into a digital e-business.

Digital Marketing E-Business Webinars:

E-Business for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (Getting Started Class) - Tuesday, September 29 @ 10-11 a.m.

What are the best tools to get more out of our online marketing? This is a question that we hear on a regular basis. It’s a simple question but one that opens a can of worms. As everyone knows, there are lots of options when it comes to digital marketing and every company has different needs and goals. There is just no one size fits all solution for every organization.

Rather than learning about any particular tool or service, we will show you exactly how the online marketing world works and teach you a 5-step e-business process that works. Within each step, we’ll show you several tools that work well for small and mid-sized businesses.

This seminar is designed for the owners/leaders of new or small businesses that are just getting started on their e-business or online marketing journey. We’ll keep the conversation focused on concrete steps you can take back and put into action from day #1.

E-Business for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (Intermediate Level Class) Tuesday, October 6 @ 10-11 a.m.

In the Intermediate level e-business class, we take a deeper dive into our 5-step e-business process and explore more closely the specific ways to generate more visibility with new potential customers (people you don’t know) along with moving people you do know towards becoming paying customers. We’ll show a concrete process with examples on this process.

In this Intermediate level class, we assume your organization has a website as well as some ongoing social media and email marketing and perhaps digital advertising activity. The question for these people is often “We’re doing all these things already, but how can we improve it and generate more leads and sales?” This class will answer that question.

Presented by: Erik Bunaes, Endorphin Digital Marketing

Learn more about the Endorphin E-Business Roadmap here.


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