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6 Tips to Help Brand or Rebrand Your Business

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a long-time branding (and building name recognition) can be a challenge. As a passionate business owner, you have so much to say about who your business is and what it does. It can seem impossible to put that into just a few words or paragraphs. 

In order to help you brand your business we have these 6 tips to help. 

  1. Naming Your Business: When thinking of a name for your business think about what you really do when it comes down to it. For us, we realized we really focus on digital marketing and that should be in our name. We also recommend that you take advantage of your geographical location and add that in your company name if it makes sense. Having a strong business name can help your customers understand who you are and can help with your search engine optimization. Fuze branding offers a great free worksheet that can help you name your business.

  2. Have a Strong Logo: Once a name is decided on for the business the next thing is a logo. A logo is like an introduction to the business. It tells customers who you are. A strong logo also shows a level of professionalism in the business. Constant Contact offers a free logo maker tool that you can click here to use.

  3. Find Your Voice: A business’s voice can really set it apart from its competitors. By showing customers who is behind the business and sharing the story of why the business began in the first place can be so powerful. Customers like to know who the business is, who works for the business, and what they stand for. Having a strong message of who and what the business stands for can show how unique the business is and empower customers. The Entrepreneur offers great exercises to help find your brands voice. 

  4. Build Great Products and Services: Just having a strong digital presence is not enough to convince a customer to choose your business. It is important to have a strong list of products and services. It is hard to list out all of the products and services a business may offer but there are ways to tell customers everything a business does without overwhelming them. We recommend using categories. For example, a pizza shop might have over 100 products, but they can make this seem less overwhelming by breaking it down into categories such as pizzas, calzones, appetizers, salads, etc. By using categories customers are easily able to look at the products or services they want without being saturated with information.

  5. Build Your Social Media Presence: Building social media presence is major because it is building small communities for your business. Each platform can reach people from a different demographic and can help engage with customers. The better content posted to each platform can help increase the number of customers you have. We recommend always sharing company updates, but also sharing educational, promotional, and engaging content to utilize social media to its highest capacity. Companies such as Tasty, Buzzfeed, Nike, Wayfair, Starbucks, and Dove to a great job of this. Everything these companies post on social media is targeted and meaningful to their users.

  6. Be Consistent: Consistency is key for customers. If there is no consistency across the website and social media platforms for the business customers will become confused. If possible it is ideal to use the same color scheme, similar images, and have the same message across the website and all social media platforms for the business. 

We understand how daunting it can be to brand or rebrand your business, but we are here to help. In fact, we just recently rebranded ourselves! If you need any help branding your company please contact us or book a meeting with us online. See Our Digital Marketing Services


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