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Endorphin Advisors Publishes Findings of Marketing Technology Usage

New infographic published on MarTech usage in New York’s Tech Valley Region

Albany, NY, September 8, 2015 – Endorphin Advisors has conducted a survey to examine, measure and report on current adoption and usage patterns of marketing technology by organizations in New York’s Tech Valley Region. A new infographic summarizing key findings of the MarTech Survey Project has been published (and is available for free here).

The digital communications and Internet-based platforms, marketing and communications capabilities today are dramatically shrinking distances between organizations and their customers. These capabilities are also increasing competition exponentially as small, local businesses of all kinds are now in direct competition with the largest and most sophisticated enterprises found anywhere on the planet.

According to the survey, more than three-quarters of survey participants (78%) feel that marketing technology plays an important role in the success of their organization. However, more than half of survey participants (53%) feel that their organization is not being successful using marketing technology.

“While most organizations are placing some level of importance on marketing technology, many say their organization is not being successful in this area.” said Erik Bunaes, president, Endorphin Advisors. “What this tells me is the majority of respondents feel their organization can do a better job using certain marketing technology. I frankly think this is a positive in that people are acknowledging a challenge and identifying a need for improvement.”

The MarTech Survey: Next Steps

“Organizations in every industry are facing rapidly changing technological forces,” said Bunaes. “We feel that shedding light on the current usage of marketing technologies by Tech Valley-based organizations helps benchmark local practices and, perhaps provide some ideas on ways to move forward.”

The number of respondents in this survey to date is small, so this is by no means a conclusive study. However, the survey results may provide an indication of trends and usage rates that may be typical of various organizations in New York’s Tech Valley Region.

2015 MarTech Survey Infographic Preview

About Endorphin Advisors

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