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Endorphin Advisors Publishes New Book about Financial Projections for Small Businesses

Albany, NY, December 16, 2014 – Endorphin Advisors publishes new book to help small businesses develop and use financial projections.

The book, titled “Get More Sleep By Seeing the Financial Future of Your Business, An Introductory Guide to Financial Projections for Small Business,” details the importance and benefits of using financial projections and how these tools help inform and illustrate the decision making process.

“Small business owners come from every walk of life, every age and every type of industry,” said the author, Erik Bunaes, president, Endorphin Advisors. “This book is written so virtually anyone can benefit from the budgeting insights that result from the financial projections process.”

The book illustrates how seeing the financial future of a business helps make better decisions, including discussion on specific areas as: pricing, compensation, investments in staff and marketing budgets.

The book examines several key elements of income projection models and explains these elements in easy-to-understand language. The book is clearly aimed at new business owners, first-time entrepreneurs and those that come from non-financial backgrounds. This free book comes with a basic financial forecasting model in Microsoft Excel format.

Financial Projections eBook Cover

About the Author: Erik Bunaes is the president and principal of Endorphin Advisors. Founded in 2005, Endorphin Advisors is a unique, award-winning marketing and management consulting firm based in Albany, New York.

About Endorphin Advisors

Endorphin Advisors is a unique, award-winning marketing and management consulting firm. We help businesses develop and implement short and long-term strategic plans, while also providing day-to-day marketing, business development and financial forecasting services. For more information, please visit or call 518.250.9035.

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Erik Bunaes, President Endorphin Advisors P: 518.250.9035 E:


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