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What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business be Using?

According to Statista in 2019, 79% of the population in the United States has a social media profile, which is roughly 247 million people. By joining various social media sites, your business can reach a large number of people you may not have been able to reach otherwise. Since social media is so popular and there are several different platforms to choose from, it is easy to find yourself getting overwhelmed.

Instead, consider joining the platforms that best suit your business, and where your target audience is active. This article will discuss the six most popular social media platforms your business should join and why. Keep in mind that each platform is different. You should focus on the platforms where your content can stand out and you can gain solid visibility and brand awareness.

1. Facebook

According to Statista, Facebook currently has over 2.6 billion monthly active users in 2020, making it the biggest social media platform in the world. As long as your target customer has access to the Internet, the chances of them having a Facebook profile is pretty high. Facebook allows businesses to set up a page where people can go to find information and interact with customers. This allows you to speak directly with people visiting your page because they can post on the page and you can answer them directly. Once you have your business page set up, you can start creating posts, posting photos and videos, and interacting with your customers. It is also a great platform to keep your customers updated on any changes your business may make. Overall Facebook is a great platform for businesses, because of how many people are on the platform and how diverse these users are.

2. Instagram

Instagram is also a popular platform with over one billion monthly users according to Statista. It is unique because it is solely visual, meaning your posts are based around photos and videos, and not just text. This is good if your products or services are visually appealing because 80% of people remember what they see, compare to 20% of what they read. If your business can create good quality visual content, you should be involved in this community. Instagram allows your business to interact with the customer in two ways, the first way is they can comment on a post on your page and you can reply, or they can direct message your business and you will be able to have a separate, private conversation with them. It is important to note that Instagram is mostly a mobile platform. Users can access Instagram on a desktop but cannot create any posts. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

3. Twitter

Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users according to Statista. It allows you to post photos, videos, and text. However, keep in mind there is a limited character count on each post of 280 characters. Make sure to keep your Tweets short and simple, because of the limit users are used to reading short posts and may skip over the longer ones. Twitter has a heavy usage of hashtags, which helps to locate and participate in certain “conversations” on the platform. Twitter is a great platform for expanding awareness of a brand because users can easily retweet a post and share with all their followers, who then can retweet as well as spreading awareness quickly. You can interact with customers by following them, sending direct messages, or comments on the original post if they choose to reply. Make sure you are staying active in your community by sharing and interacting with other businesses posts because they can return the favor and help spread awareness of your business.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has around 675 million monthly users, according to Hootsuite. If your company targets certain job titles or follows a B2B model, this is an important platform since LinkedIn is known as the business social media platform. Something to keep in mind about this platform is that people are going to be more likely to have accurate personal information on their profile because it is a professional platform. It is best to create a profile page for your business and post updates, job openings, and relevant news. You can interact with customers on this platform by replying to their comments on your post. You can also take advantage of their long-form blogging platform as well as the vast number of both private and public discussion groups. LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft.

5. YouTube

YouTube has two billion monthly active users, according to Statista. YouTube is unique because you can only post videos, so it is going to have a similar effect as Instagram. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google. YouTube is owned by Google, meaning that YouTube videos will likely appear in search results if the user types in the right keywords. You can interact with customers by replying to their comments on videos. Even if your business can’t solely have the ability to post content, you can collaborate with people with large followings on YouTube and have them promote your business on the platform instead.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest has around 360 million monthly users, according to Statista. Similar to Instagram and YouTube, it is strictly a visual platform. Users create boards and can pin different content to these boards that can be organized into different categories. Something to keep in mind is that this platform is popular with the female demographic, with 80% of users being women. The most popular categories on Pinterest include travel, health and wellness, DIY home projects, style, beauty, food and drink, and motivational quotes. If your business matches one of these categories, make sure to join this community. If your business fits in these categories, find unique ways to visually show it off and give it a try. There are so many users that your customers are most likely going to be active on this platform.

Getting involved on social media platforms is important to gain a personal relationship with customers and to gain new customers as well for your business.

Have questions about any of this or want some help with your marketing? Contact us today. We’re here to help.


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