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Increase Your Reach with Simple Share, a Free Feature in Constant Contact

One of the reasons why Constant Contact is such an effective email marketing platform is its social media integration. A great feature available in Constant Contact is Simple Share, which allows you to quickly and easily share your emails, social campaigns, surveys and events to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Simple Share is easily set up and once your social properties are connected, they remain connected to the Simple Share tool for all future correspondence. You can connect Facebook personal profiles and any businesses pages you’ve created or have admin privileges on, multiple Twitter and multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Once you’ve connected your social profiles, and enabled the simple share tool on your correspondence you can customize the message for each social network as well as add images where applicable. This is important, as sending out the same message on multiple social networks can be redundant to your targets that may be following you in multiple places. It is better to identify and convey value in different ways depending on the social network you’re sharing on.

Using Simple Share

  • With Email Marketing - Share a link to your:

  • Email automatically on sendNote: Your email can’t be shared on social media before it sends to contacts.

  • After it’s been sent

  • With Event Marketing- To promote your published event, share a link to your:

  • Event invitation email when sent to your contacts or after it has been sent

  • Event homepage

  • With Online Survey - Share a link to your:

  • Survey invitation email when sent to your contacts or after it has been sent

  • Published survey

  • Published poll

Using social media in combination with email marketing and other Constant Contact services is an effective way to increase the reach of your newsletters, event homepages, surveys, and social campaigns. It allows you to go beyond your list, to your social followers, and if your content is engaging enough, their followers. If your list is comprised in part by your social followers, Simple Share allows your message to reach them in more then one place. They can view it where they are most often, whether that be their inbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Aside from that, there are obvious advantages in the viral nature of social media.

If you haven’t already, set up your Simple Share tool and use it consistently. It is a free feature in Constant Contact with numerous benefits. Not a Constant Contact user? Learn more about their online marketing platform here, or give us a call. Feel free to connect on social as well.

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