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Need a New Logo? Check out Constant Contact's New LogoMaker Tool

Introduction to Constant Contact’s new LogoMaker

We’re excited to introduce you to LogoMaker, Constant Contact’s brand new, free logo maker for small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs. This powerful tool helps you easily create professional looking logos for any purpose. Super fast. Super easy.

Step 1: The Basics

The first thing you do is type in your name and slogan, and the LogoMaker will generate a batch of draft logos. You can create additional batches of new logos by hitting the “more” button. Once you get one your like, you can customize it to your heart’s content in Step 2.

Step 1 Logo design - add name and tag line

Step 2: Customizing Your Logo

Once you get through the first step of creating a basic logo with your name and tag line, you can customize and fine tune the following aspects of your logo:

  1. Name

  2. Slogan

  3. Symbol

  4. Colors

  5. Shape

Step 3: See Your Custom Logos in Real Life Situations

This is the cool part. In this step, you get to see what the new logo you created looks like in a number of different real-life situations so you can see how you like it.

Last Step: Get Your Files

Once you are finished designing your new logo, simply download it in a safe, secure zip file.

You will get your logo in two different file formats: PNG and SVG, with each file showing the appropriate file extension, i.e. “logo.png” vs “logo.svg”. These two file types are for different purposes, as outlined here:

PNG file: A PNG file operates like most image files you’re probably used to. It’s ready to be uploaded to your social media profiles or inserted into digital documents. Just be aware that PNGs, like most image files, have a limited number of pixels, meaning that if you zoom in or enlarge your image too much, it will become visibly grainy.

SVG file: An SVG file is a vector file, meaning two important things: It can be edited in design software, and it can be enlarged infinitely and will remain crisp and clear (no pixelization). This is an important file format to have on hand in case you want to use your logo to create other things with your logo on it. For example, the SVG file is what you provide to designers, print shops, sign-makers, and other vendors to ensure they use the highest quality version of your logo.

Making it easy for people to find you online has never been easier, thanks to Constant Contact’s suite of web building, ecommerce, domains, email marketing, and logo making tools.


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