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Constant Contact’s Social Posts: Easy to Use, Time-Saving Tools

Constant Contact has many tools beyond email marketing that help improve your online presence. One tool that is very helpful is the social tool. This tool helps you connect your company's social media platforms to Constant Contact, where you can create and schedule posts, respond to comments and see post performance metrics.

This tool is free to use as long as you already have the paid version of Constant Contact. The social tool allows you to post on different social media platforms, using one publishing dashboard on Constant Contact. Just head to the social section on your Constant Contact account to get started.

You can connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so make sure you connect all your accounts to stay organized. Once you connect your accounts you can immediately start posting, it is that easy.

The dashboard also allows you to respond to messages, mentions and comments on your connected accounts. Comments and likes will display in the inbox section of the tool. To create a post click “create a post,” add the content and images and then post it in real time, schedule for a different time, or save as a draft. You can select multiple social profiles to share the post. This helps save time. As you write new posts, a live preview shows the new post.

The social tool has a performance analytics section, so you can track how each post is doing. It also gives you an overview of your profiles together.

A neat feature to know about: You can select a time period when you plan to schedule a post and see the expected reach, audience and audience growth over that period of time. This helps plan post scheduling and estimating reach/audience growth.

The social tool is a truly valuable time-saver, helping you easily post and engage with your audience on your various social platforms. You can see performance and audience growth on different social platforms and avoid jumping between different social websites. It is easy to set-up and use and is a real time-saver.

Finally, the performance analytics help you easily see post performing and audience engagement/behavior. If your profiles are meeting your goals, you can keep doing the great work you are doing, but if they aren’t reaching the goals you want, you are able to see which posts are doing well and which ones aren’t getting as much as attention as you were hoping for. Then you can start brainstorming ideas on how to improve your social posts.

We are always here to help! If you have questions or want some help regarding Constant Contact and their various tools, please contact us or book a meeting online.


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