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The Importance of Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Online reviews and testimonials build trust with a potential customer and proves credibility of your brand. Reviews not only have the power to influence customers buying decisions but also can encourage customers to interact with you. Customer interaction eventually leads to a purchase or profit. If you currently do not have any customer reviews or testimonials, you may be missing out on potential growth for your brand. Here are four reasons why customer reviews are important and how to ask for them:

  1. Customer's value updated and relevant brand feedback: If you lack recent reviews, you can be hindering your brands digital marketing plans. When potential customers view your socials, they want to feel a sense of security and are searching for faith in your brand. By promoting a customer's feedback, it can prove to a potential customer your online reputation.

  2. Reviews can boost Search Engine Results: As we know, the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) can impact how many users can locate your company. By adding a review or testimonials page to your site, you are adding more relevant keywords that will drive traffic and rank higher on search engine results.

  3. Analyzing customer reviews can improve customer satisfaction: While reviews are important to prove loyalty to potential customers, they can also help your company improve. By reading customer feedback, we can gain an insight into customers needs and preferences and help us discover new opportunities to improve service and add new products/services.

  4. Reviews can give you an advantage over direct competition: The quality of your reviews is more important than the quantity. Having fewer reviews than direct competition is not always a disadvantage. By having just a few 5-star reviews instead of a ton of 3-star reviews proves to a potential customer that you care about customer satisfaction.

Now that we know how powerful reviews can be to a business, the next step is finding out how to gain these reviews. Although it may seem odd to reach out to customers to request a review, it's no surprise that people enjoy sharing opinions and experiences with others. They just need to be given the opportunity.

There are many ways for customers to share their feedback and reviews with you. Ideally, the best spot for review submissions is through your website on a reviews page. This can be a way to organically produce reviews without asking a customer directly. You can also ask customers for a review via social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn or reach out directly via phone.

While phone calls can be time consuming, you can combine this request in a quick call thanking customers for their business. Expressing appreciation and making sure everything was done to their satisfaction shows a level of respect and professionalism that will reflect well on your business and help create goodwill. This may also lead you to a referral to a friend or neighbor, too!

A constant stream of good-quality reviews can improve your company's reputation, name recognition and search engine rankings. Follow these tips and get a marketing plan in place to start gathering reviews.


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